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No matter what brought you here, we have something that can suit your urgent need. Check out which one(s) you will be requiring today.

One-on-One Sessions

We are here to help. In our one-on-one sessions, we listen to your needs and concerns regarding your relationship/marriage and life in general and we help you with tools to navigate these issues. You are guaranteed to walk away feeling better and having more clarity after every session.

Speaking Engagement

Do you want us to minister to your Christian audience? We bring relationship insights with God’s word as the foundation with clarity and grace. Work with us for your relationship conferences organized for teenagers, single youths or married couples

Paid Partnership

With a growing community of over 100,000 people, we can partner with you to showcase your products to our viewers on our different social media platforms. Be it a simple Instagram post, a product mention/shout-out, a product showcase or a dedicated video. We have different plans that will suit your needs.

What People Say

Our session with The Stalwart Lovers has been life changing. They have a way of breaking down the numerous questions in our hearts whilst being gentle and thoughtful at the same time. We believe anyone who needs practical wisdom for life, marriage and relationship should definitely book a session with them.
Ezekiel & Bukola
Our session with The Stalwart Lovers will always be a memorable turning point in our relationship. They are highly skilled at offering couples helpful counsel and practical tools to work through different aspects of their relationships. We've learned to communicate more effectively thereby increasing our level of intimacy.
Tutu & Tayo
My sessions with The Stalwart Lovers have been truly life transforming. Under their counsel and mentorship, I have come to terms with certain things in the Bible that I struggled with and now understand the true meaning of discipleship. As a result of my relationship with them, I understand what it means to be gracefully broken I highly recommend The Stalwart Lovers
I’ve had the opportunity of receiving direct counseling from the stalwart lovers, and honestly, it’s been amazing. I’ve had a lot of relationship drama and struggle with spiritual growth over the years and they’ve been there for me, even before they were married. Teaching me, praying for me and praying with me. My life is so much better and I have them and God to thank! They are amazing counselors and I highly recommend!
Counseling sessions with the Stalwart Lovers have always been incredibly insightful and helpful for us. Profound answers are always delivered with so much warmth. We always look forward to them!
Fountain and Tomisin
Uncle boo and Sister Bae have truly been a pillar on my community and a catalyst in my faith journey. They are ever ready and present to dispense Godly counsel; they create a space to be open and talk to discuss issues concerning our faith. They are truly wonderful and gifted mentors and have made a great impact on my livelihood and Christian education Forever grateful for them ❤️
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